About Us

The hairdressing industry thrives on a foundation of sharing ideas and supporting each other in our craft.

“Our dream is to share our knowledge and passion around the world, travelling directly to your home country, delivering the highest standard of haircutting”


This is our philosophy. This is SENZI.

The Founders

About Us

Giammarco and Michael are the founders of SENZI. Originally from Italy and Greece respectively, they join forces in London to make their shared vision of creative education a reality.

With over a decade of experience in the hair industry, they've each been part of industry-leading, UK-based teams. Throughout the last decade, they have educated internationally, and travelled globally sharing their knowledge.


Our approach to precision cutting is based on a strong foundation of Line, Graduation and Layers and the use of primary shapes. SENZI shares with students the function and reason behind techniques & shapes and enlighten them with all the information necessary to execute them to perfection.

Suitability and Beauty stand at the root of our craft. SENZI believes that awareness and knowledge through technique can help to elevate the hair industry.