Building on the foundations laid by PRIME, CREATE encourages you to experiment with the combination of shapes and techniques, enriching your repertoire with modern looks to suit a salon environment.

Staying inspired and motivated is a constant challenge in the hair industry. CREATE sees the introduction of disconnection, which allows you to be more daring and innovative with your craft.


Less experienced stylists will be instilled with a deeper knowledge of the design of technique. Advanced stylists and salon owners will be reinvigorated with the fundamental principles of creating unique looks for their clients in a busy environment. CREATE will tap into your imagination: you will return to your salon feeling inspired, buzzing with ideas, and excited to infuse your day-to-day business with creativity.

 DURATION: 2-3 Days

FORMAT: Theory – Demo – Workshop
EXPERIENCE: Minimum 3 years


  • SENZI Ethos
  • PRIME Re-Cap
  • The Thinking Process digital lecture
  • High standard consultation study
  • Suitability
  • Bone Structure
  • Face shapes
  • Choice of length
  • Hair in Fashion
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Guided Workshops
  • Individual feedbacks and confidence boosting