Berlin | 7-10 April 2024


Berlin , The Session Studio

This Combo will give you the opportunity to purchase both courses at a discounted price. A rare opportunity to train with SENZI for 4 consecutive days with our International educators and session stylists .


Discover the tips and tricks of working backstage and on set from our team of International Session Stylists. It’s not just about styling hair; it’s about cultivating the ethics and attitude required to collaborate with the most successful creatives in the fashion industry. We’ll guide you in approaching hair from a different perspective, strengthening your skills to think outside the box. Above all, you’ll train your eyes to perceive beauty in a unique way. Gain an understanding of the expectations when working backstage at shows and gain insights into what it takes to be part of the high-level session world.


• “session kit bag” and important tools
• A kick start of techniques every session stylist should be confident with
• Use of various tools and techniques that are a must
• Research material and essential resources that will be helpful to create a
• Improve technical and creative skills like making faux fringe, extensions
application, structural hair work, wig wrap, scalp braids and many more.
• Live demonstrations of recreating runway looks
• Explore non traditional methods of styling and thinking
• Learn how to perform and achieve results quickly
• Understand the creative process of doing a photoshoot
• Understanding the importance of product and its placement
• Intense workshops will assist to build confidence and broaden the
creative mindset
• Feedback from mentor


TOO COOL 4 SCHOOL is a course outside the BOX. It’s for hairstylist who wants to have fun experimenting new techniques without limitations. Everyday we work with a new reference , an idea taken from different sources , such as street photography , editorials , subcultures and music scene for example. We will then pick some elements on the images we like and translate them into hair. The whole point is to look at beauty from outside the hairdressing industry and have an open mind to it . Our goal for this course is to push hairstylists vision and mindset , understanding that our craft it’s very broad and having the ability and skillset to adapt our work for different individuals is essential to develop our taste and creative direction.


• Following Cultural References
• Team Work
• Translating ideas into structured techniques
• Vertical and horizontal shapes explained
• Disconnections and placements
• Dynamics of shapes & Techniques
• Razor work
• Refining and personalising a haircut
• Free handing techniques
• Non traditional methods of styling


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